Qobuz on Mosaic

Hi I made a new subscription to Qobuz Premier Hi Res. But…I cannot see Qobuz as Online Service in Mosaic control panel as I can see Tidal . More, playing files I can see in my phone display MP3 320 kbps, but 16/44 in my Bartok display , but n the Qobuz playlist this file I can see it as HiRes . What I’m really hearing?

Open Mosaic Services view (small globe icon at screen bottom) and Qobuz is the 4th option from the top of the screen in between Deezer and Tidal. It should be there whether or not you have a Qobuz account.

NB: You need to set up your Qobuz account online using one of the Qobuz players downloaded to your computer. Open your account in the Qobuz player ( your name will be in the top right corner of the player display, click there) and you will find lots of options including what maximum streaming rates you want , how many albums at a time it will download for purchases etc. Anything that you change in the Qobuz player will automatically be reflected in the Mosaic version where relevant. Downloading the Qobuz player also gives you access to all of the curated items like articles about artists, music types, labels etc. It’s a great place to go on a Friday to look through all of the new releases and select those that interest you as favourites. Far preferable for that purpose to the limited display in Mosaic .

I have explained why the format data shown in Mosaic or on your dCS device screen differ from each other in my response to your other posting on this.

Thank you very much again Pete , following your comments everything is working and playing flawless in Qobuz-Mosaic and Bartok now.
And since the first files playing Hi Res it seems better then Tidal Flac/ MQA , and at the same level as Upnp and CD. I will play more and more music but I like it!!