Qobuz connect and Bridge

Hi everyone, this is my first topic, I don’t know if I’m in the right place!
I was very happy to be able to use TIDAL Connect directly on my DCS Bridge!
I would like to know if there is any way I can use Qobuz connect directly on DCS Bridge, without going through the Mosaic application!

No. Not yet…may be one day…

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Tonight I will pray to the saint of lost causes!


I wouldn’t say it’s a lost cause - Qobuz are the highest quality streaming service out there so dCS are likely to take that on board considering the fact that dCS are probably the highest quality digital so are likely to keep up with the best formats for the sake of allowing us all to hear their systems at their best.

Saying that - I didn’t know you could get Qobuz Connect yet - I must keep up with the times.

But yes - I would expect dCS to implement this just like they did Tidal Connect.

** hang on - there is no such thing as Qobuz Connect as far I can tell **

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I have no doubt that soon we will have a solution to use Qobuz on the computer, the same way we can use TIDAL!

Good news, on the iPad, I can already use Qobuz, without Mosaic!

Qobuz’s version of a network-based “Qobuz Connect” capability (like Spotify or Tidal does) is in development. What’s currently supported is via Airplay (unfortunately limited to CD Quality), and Chromecast only. This isn’t a dCS limitation, the Qobuz service just doesn’t support it yet.

They did briefly have UPnP in beta that they made available via their App, it worked rather well with dCS, but apparently they had too any complaints of it not working with other devices and pulled the feature.


Thanks for clarifying, I didn’t know that for “Airplay” the quality is limited to the same as the CD.

Is this still in development? I just received Qobuz and I’m loving the sound quality. Qobuz connect would be a fantastic feature that would see me remove Spotify entirely.

Hi Matt and welcome to the forum which I hope you will find useful and helpful.

Although I have been a Qobuz subscriber for over five years and try to keep up with everything I have heard nothing about this but my recent researches do show a couple of postings elsewhere from April or May last year saying that work was going on but would take a long time to complete.

I believe the lengthy development time as Qobuz is a remarkably small organisation possibly without the manpower to devote a single topic to a team. To get an idea the latest reports indicate Spotify has around 9,000 staff and Qobuz 106! And that figure for them is a huge expansion over that of a couple of years ago when we were looking at between 10 and 20.

From our dCS users viewpoint even if and when Qobuz connect is available dCS will need to make a decision on incorporating it and building the facility or selection option nto Mosaic with the attendant upgrade.

There are various approaches to how you use and listen to Qobuz. However you haven’t indicated exactly what issue or issues you have which are preventing you from removing Spotify. So please let us know as there may be a solution that will move you on even if only temporarily while you wait . Please give some idea of the setup that you have.

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