Nothing found in mosaic

My mosaic is playing up. On radio, tidal….all I get is nothing found. I can play via AirPlay. What’s is the solution to fix this?
Thanks for the help

Hi Gurney,

Usually this ends up being a badly configured network - for example the last time this was flagged up to me as an issue it ended up being that the user had two routers on the same network with two DHCP servers on different ranges so devices were sometimes on one range and had access to the outside world and sometimes on the other (and not having access to the outside world) and devices on one range wouldn’t see devices on the other so lets start with a look at the network.

What dCS product do you have and how is it connected to your router? Do you have any additional routers, switches, Ethernet extender devices (mesh or Ethernet over Powerline / coax) between your dCS device and your main router?

As a test I would suggest connecting your dCS device directly to one of your main routers LAN ports, turning off any other WiFi access points or extenders and checking whether Mosaic now works correctly…


Thanks Phil, thanks ! it came back on itself so good for now. Only one router one cable to switch that’s feeding two boxes the dcs and video steaming that’s off mostly. Tim