New Member -- Apex Question what will I need to purchase in Rossini or Vivaldi?

I’m inquiring to beed to purchase to join in on the new Apex product if I buy in the Rossini line or Vivaldi line? What are my options? I currently have a Lumin T2. My system has a Roon Nucleus + and I use Tidal/Qobuz for streaming. I also have a Synology DS918+ NAS drive connected. My system is hardwired ethernet. My goal would be to replace my Lumin T2 and have the DCS do everything that the Lumin does. For example I have my Lumin connected into my preamp so I can use the Lumin App and stream Tidal or Qobuz directly into my preamp or I can go through Roon using the Roon set up.

Any thoughts on set up is appreciated as well as what I need to get into the Apex game.


Are you also considering getting the dCS Upsampler along with the Vivaldi? If so you would remove the Lumin and connect both your Roon Nucleus and the Upsampler to your network and they will automatically be found and you are all set. If you get a Rossini you have the network connection built into that unit and do not require a Upsampler. You would connect the Vivaldi or Rossini DAC to your pre-amp and you are all set.

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If you go dCS, a Rossini will replace the Lumin T2, it would be a simple swap. Rossini DAC does the exact same thing LuminT2 does. Lumin T2 is a Streamer+DAC same as dCS Rossini, though in dCS the streamer is called Upsampler (both are actually streamer-upsampler).
Vivaldi is the same but Upsampler (Streamer) and DAC come in 2 separate Boxes and the price is … higher :slight_smile:

Lumin makes good stuff. I am a former Lumin A1 owner. Very musical DAC. The Rossini would make a nice “drop-in” replacement, but be aware there are some features you would lose with the current dCS line, like higher res playback than DSD128. Are you unhappy with your Lumin, and have you auditioned the dCS and other lines yet?

Let me try to see if I have it. The Rossini is one unit and includes power supply and clock? The Vivaldi is two units and the power supply including clock is separate? Is there a significant difference in functionality between the 2 units? I was originally looking at the Bartok and opted for the lower end Lumin not being sure that I was going to enjoy the experience; however, I love the experience.

What I find intriguing is that if I go direct with Lumin app and avoid Roon the sound is much better. Does dcs have an app or that option?

I really do appreciate the feedback and assistance.


Hey PaleRider,

Appreciate the feedback. I did not know that DCS only has DSD 128. I have only read and listened once to DCS. Thought the new product was a vast improvement.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not “down-selling” dCS. I love my Vivaldi stack. Just wanted to make sure you knew what you are getting into. Some of the Lumin features are not (yet) available in the dCS lineup. But I do think the dCS sound is superior.

Neither Rossini nor Vivaldi requires a Master Clock, but one is available for each. Each contains its own power supply. For network playback, Vivaldi requires the Upsampler (or Network Bridge).

dCS offers a streaming playback app in Mosaic. It works optimally with Minim server. dCS equipment also works great with Roon, which I happen to use and enjoy.

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