New joiner - taking the plunge

I have changed my garden office to a music/TV room. I have just taken the plunge with a Bridge as source to my Dynaudio XD Focus 30 loudspeakers [actives]. I’m delighted with the results. I’m a lifelong Naim owner with a “500” system, including the ND555 network player supported by 2 power supplies. Music is very important to me. That’s the context for my appreciation of the Bridge. Plus I have had excellent service from the dealer whose name, I suspect I am not allowed by dCS community rules to name (perhaps I can get away with saying his first name has 4 letters, beings “P” and ends “L” - forgive me if I have breached rules and perhaps someone will let me know). I’m 63 and it’s great to come across such an exciting product

Hi, welcome, so the Dynaudio XD Focus have a Dac included ? Or are you using the Dac of the Naim streamer ?

Hi Chris

Sorry for delay in reply. I’m using the DAC in the speakers. The Naim is in the house and the Bridge is in my garden room.

I think that I had better refer readers to this parallel thread which brings matters up to date:

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