New Bartok Rotary Knob

Just received my new Bartok from my local dealer, and noticed the rotary knob felt tight in spots as you rotate - It felt like the back of the rotary knob was slightly rubbing against the front panel. The rotary knob functions totally fine, and with more use has adopted a smoother/consistent feel. I’m reaching out to the community to see if anyone else had a similar experience? There was no damage to the shipping box so it doesn’t look like the unit received a jolt during shipping. Can anyone from dCS comment? Thanks!

Hi, and welcome to the community. Congratulations with your new Bartók!

I have not experienced this with my Bartók and Rossini. The rotary knob should feel smooth and consistent. If it keeps bothering you, I would ask my dealer to judge if the issue is serious enough to return your Bartók to dCS.

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I agree with Erno. dCS have a very thorough QC system at the factory and it should not have left there with the issue that you have. Each piece is made to order. After the technical tests to verify that it is working correctly each piece is taken to a listening area and checked for sound quality. Then , before being packed , it has to be checked and signed off by two ( or is it three ?) dCS staff members who are not from the construction area. So before it is boxed it has been checked by around 3-4 people who did not build it. A rubbing volume control would ( or should) have been spotted and returned to the build area for fixing.

Further the dCS packing materials are very robust and the components are well protected for international travel.

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@Ermos @PAR thanks for the replies. I emailed my dealer and will await direction on how to proceed.

I listened again tonight and the rotary knob binds up and becomes difficult to turn. Its disappointing to experience this with a product of this price point. But I hope dCS and my dealer can resolve the issue.

This indeed is very disappointing, and should be resolved. I am sure your dealer and dCS will provide swift service. Good luck.

Same here as the OP. My Rossini dac rotary volume has friction in one spot once the unit has been on for a while, all smooth when off. Methinks it’s thermal expansion.

The Bartok I had before was buttery smooth at all times.

As a workaround… use the remote control that is supplied with your Bartok if you paid the extra $600.