Network Bridge problem

The sound from my Network Bridge (NB) is very very low. All connections seem correct, just the volume level is almost nil.

I have turned off the NB, BT hub, Ipad and DAC, powered everything back up, and the problem remains.

I have also connected the NB to another DAC with a different cable, and get the same result, so the problem does seem to be in the NB.

The only thing I can think may have caused a problem is a change of power cable this weekend. I was just experimenting swapping things around. All seemed fine at first. The problem has only arisen this evening.

You may accidentally have reduced the volume in Mosaic (at the bottom of the screen).


Oh my goodness!!! You’re absolutely right. I can’t believe it!! Didn’t even know that was there. I’ve tried so many things to try to sort it out, and that’s all it was. Thank you so much for your reply!!!

Don’t worry. I fell into the same trap a couple of months ago and urgently asked my dealer for help.
But before he called me back, I had found my (user) error by myself. :grinning: