Ndx2 with Scarlatti?

I have tried out a different DAC with my Naim NDX2 in a second system. I tried a Chord TT2. Planned to try a Dave next but thought about a used Scarlatti. Would this work and any thoughts on sound. It would be into a Supernait 3 and Wilson Duettes. Could try in my 500 system as well. Thanks!

Matt, having owned both the Scarlatti and Chord Dave, though at vastly different times, I can categorically say the Scarlatti is in a totally different league in terms of total sonic experience and usability.

Sonically, you’ll find that Dave is very clinical (in comparison to the dCS sound), and not in a good way in my personal opinion. dCS tends to be much more neutral top to bottom.

Unless you’re looking mainly at an integrated DAC/Headphone-Amp system, in which case Dave makes sense, otherwise I’d go with the Scarlatti stack.

Thank you @Anupc . Just looking for a DAC uplift, no headphone amp. I thought the TT2 was a bit bright and almost like the music disappears behind the speakers. There was more detail but not in the sense that was enjoyable. This would just be the DAC though, it doesn’t have a full stack with it. I’m assuming I can connect the NDX 2 to it with a BNC cable?

Interestingly and intriguingly, the the expensive Chord Dave comes with a cheap built-in SMPS that in my opinion, sucks out the emotion. This is total injustice to such a fine machine. It is also confirmed that the performance of Chord Dave can be taken up by several notches by using an external expensive power supply from Dr. Sean Jacobs.