My Rossini just stopped decoding MQA

My Rossini just stopped recognizing MQA files. I am streaming from Tidal using Roon.
Please help



My Rossini Apex DAC still recognizes, and plays, MQA files from Tidal using Roon.

So it does not seem to be a general problem.

I’m having no issues playing MQA files.

Is it that it isn’t recognizing MQA, or has Tidal already made their change to FLAC, if not for everyone than perhaps as just a test for some users?


Thank you for bringing this to our attention … we’ve not removed or changed anything relating to MQA playback so perhaps this is something that needs a little further investigation.

You say that you are using TIDAL via Roon … are you able to tell me the artist name and album name if the album that you are playing and I will see if I can take a look?

Perhaps you could take a couple of screenshots to show what you are seeing?

All this sort of thing helps very much in trying to identify issues…



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I hope Tidal maintains MQA format and goes flac only as an alternative option, not as a replacement.


Have you tried a factory reset? Or powering it down, unplugging it, waiting a few minutes and then bring it back online?


If you are able to give us some information (as above) then we can try to look into this for you…?



I think your Rossini had a talk with some
Forum members about the future of MQA and it took a decision…that is Artificial Intelligence in action, your Rossini must be a little be ahead :laughing:


My sincere apologies to all for a late response. Sure enough all responses were going to my Spam folder. I have corrected that.
After a hiatus of 3 days, I played music again and the problem seems to have corrected itself: MQA and MQA-filter are displaying normally on the display when I play Tidal via Roon.
I failed to add that, when Tidal via Roon did not recognize MQA, Tidal via dCS MOSAIC certainly did.
Thank you again for your prompt responses.

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Look at the Roon forum. Looks like Tidal is phasing out MQA. Many people are seeing some MQA tracks replaced by standard FLAC. It seems somewhat inconsistent.

My expectation is all MQA will go away and be replaced by FLAC.

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Correct. CEO of Tidal has essentially stated as such (see the MQA thread that @Ermos helpfully started).

What a bunch of Crap.