Mosaic/MinimServer Playlist Settings


I’ve recently configured my LINA system using Mosiac/MinimServer/Synlogy NAS.

Whilst setting up various browsing/play options I’ve noticed that playlist’s on the Mossaic app seem to be limited to 100 tracks.

Is there the option to change this setting & if so, how?

I’ve serched the dCS/MinimServer forums & user guides but can’t find anything on this specific topic so assume I’m missing something pretty basic.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mark,

Can I ask what exactly gives you the understanding that there’s a 100 track limit? The limit should be 100,000 tracks in a playlist within the app itself so it would be good to be able to take a look at anything that seems to restrict that.

Best Regards

Phil Harris

Hello Phil

Thanks for your reply.

There’s actually a banner on the playlist window that notes 100 tracks only - the playlist outside of Mosaic is made up of around 1700 tracks & what’s displayed is only the first 100 alphabetically.

I’ll post an image later when I’m back in front of my system.


Please …

… actually could you pop it over on an email to [email protected] with the subject of “Forum : Mosaic/MinimServer Playlist Settings” then I can get it into the system and tie it up with this thread to get followed up with the dev team?



Will do, thanks Phil.

Limit of 100 items on the list?
For example, search for an artist that has more than 100 songs in your library. For me, such an artist is Marcus Miller. MinimServer shows 260 songs. I press the drop-down menu and choose “play now”, check and in the Quee playlist I have only 100 songs to play instead of the expected 260. The 100 songs limiter works a bit different if we select “QUEUE” to the already existing list, e.g. 115 songs Another 100 songs are added. Maybe that will finally explain what the 100 song limit is all about.

Hi Robert,

I think you are possibly reporting something that is already reported above and has been noted as having been passed to the app devs to address?

As noted above, there is a 100,000 track limit on playlists.

However if you have a list of items that is over 100 items long that you are adding to a playlist (or the current play queue) then it only adds the first 100 items from that list.

As above, this has already been logged to be addressed by the app devs.

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Yes, this is the same problem, I have not noticed the information that this is already noted and submitted for correction. Sorry for the replay.