Mosaic information status dynamic?

I noticed under the SUPPORT / STATUS on Mosaic App, the stated Rossini Temperature never changes/updates? It appears to only change following a power cycle. (Similar findings via the unit display also).

Can someone please confirm if this is correct operation, as I would assume any of the reported parameters under “Status” should dynamically update?

The information in the app (on any screen) should update dynamically as it changes. Just to confirm, are you seeing no change in the temperature when you check via the device’s front panel menu?

Correct. No change in temp displayed. To check this I left unit de-powered over night, powered up this am. temp displayed as 20.3C, checked again an hour or so later and temp still reads 20.3 (on both unit and app). Cycled power, and guess what, temp now says 35.9C (on both unit and app). Via either interface the temp does not appear to change unless you cycle power to read current status.
In summary, if this is correct operation I don’t see what use this temp gauge provides?

We looked into this today and there does appear to be an issue with the unit temperature readings not being updated properly on Rossini. This isn’t anything to be concerned about and doesn’t indicate any issues with your unit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

OK. Thanks for confirmation.

Thanks for reporting it! We’ll get it sorted the next time we update the Rossini FPGA firmware.