Lumin Network Transport Ux vs internal Rossini streamer

Did someone tested the Lumin network transporter vs the internal Rossini streamer engine alredy?
I have the Lumin T2 now in house (during Apex upgrade) and the GUI and performance is not that bad.
So wondering if it’s possible to improve Rossini’s upnp/roon capabilities with an external streamer.

The first thing I note is that you have assumed that the Lumin will sound better streaming before you have had a chance to hear Rossini Apex as you say Rossini is away being upgraded. I would await its return and give it about 100 hours burn in before forming any opinion.

As many of us here believe, even given difficulty in finding a rational explanation, your network switch also makes a notable difference so I would look at that tissue too.

If , once you have the Rossini Apex, you still prefer the Lumin then you just use it as another source using one of the spare Rossini inputs. I cannot say it will necessarily be better in the fullest sense of the term but if you prefer it then that is your personal decision.


Lumin App is way better than Mosaic, but sound wise the internal Rossini is clearly better than Lumin.

Does the Lumin app work with dCS?
I have no used it with my Linn Klimax DS (however it no longer works)… I never tried it with my Rossini. I always felt it better than Linn Kinsky and Mosaic.

No, Lumin app doesn’t work with dCS.

Thanks Manelus- did you test the Lumin as a transporter only? If so, did you use USB or AES to connect it to dCS?

If you have the Lumin at home, just give it a try, i suspect the AES connection will sound the best.

In my experience separated streamers can improve the SQ compared to the internal streamer when it’s integrated to the Rossini Clock (synchronised)

I don’t see clock connections on the back of the Lumin T2

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Thanks- that was my question :slight_smile: I have the T2 here but the Ux should be a different animal (transporter only and roughly 9000Euro!)

I don’t see clock connections on the U1x either.

right, the Lumin has no clock for transporter- I said that because the Ux has better parts vs. T2 (so assuming it sounds better).

No, unfortunately it doesn’t work with dCS

That was long ago with dCS Bartok.
A dealer was at home and we tried all combinations. Bartok alone was better.
So Rossini will be even better.
Now I have Vivaldi One + Vivaldi clock and that is heaven :slight_smile: