Line out balance. - Mosaic Bartok device page

Perhaps it is somewhere in the literature but haven’t found it. This option, “Line out balance” (slider) on the Mosaic device page is, to me, unexplained. Some advice requested. Is this a digital balance control and then, if so, can this be defeated?
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Well, I haven’t read an official description of the feature, but to me, it appears to function as expected :

  • it shifts the stereophonic output level towards one side or the other by lowering — most probably digitally — the level of the opposite channel. If it’d increase the level of one channel, there’d be the possibility of some clipping happening.
  • letting the index in the middle should be equivalent to “do nothing”, ie. defeating the function. As there are only a few notched positions, this “zero effect” position is easy to set.

I’d be interested in knowing how much decibels is each position.

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Mistake …

This is the same balance control that is available via the front panel menu at AUDIO SETTINGS > BALANCE. It functions utilizing the unit’s volume control and creates an offset between the left and right channels by lowering the volume of the channel that you are adjusting away from. In other words, if you set the balance 2db to the right it is accomplished by lowering the volume level of the left channel by 2dB.

The adjustment is 6dB in either direction as well as a full left / right setting which effectively mutes the opposite channel.

In the app it’s called “LINE OUT BALANCE” as it only applies to the line outputs. The balance control is not available when using the headphone output.

My question was prompted by the use of the slider in Mosaic as movement to the far left or right reduces but does not mute the opposing channel. (I assume this is your plus/minus 2db) while using the menu selection on the Bartok fully mutes the opposing channel.
It is these anomalies that prompt these questions. In Mosaic it appears to bias toward centre on the slider but there is no confirmation that this is the case. Hence my question as to how this may be defeated or at least confirmed to be dead centre.