Is it possible to roll back the Bartok 2.0 update and go back to the previous version?

Hypothetical question: is it possible to roll back Bartok 2.0 update and go back to the previous version? If so, how? In my previous DAC, which was the PS Audio Directstram DAC, there was no problem with that and it was possible to go back to the earlier versions. What does it look like in the case of dCS?

By the way, it’s interesting what prompts you to revert to version 1.11? If this is not possible, it is enough to change the algorithm to Mapper 2. This is the classic algorithm used in version 1.0 of Bartok.

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As above, I wrote a hypothetical question. But not completely. If there is an option to go back to version 1.11, I will gladly come back to then consciously choose 2.0 or stay with 1.11. I want to know if I have this option or if I have no retreat from version 2.0.

As far as I understand it’s not possible to switch back to old firmware versions.

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I do not know what could be an argument for going back to the older software version if the newer version brings a significant improvement in sound. It would have to be a situation of some bug that was not discovered in the beta phase and in a key way hinders the user from using the device comfortably. The way out is to switch to the classic algorithm and not take advantage of the new features offered by the latest software. Zwłaszcza, że Bartok rozpoczoł swoją rynkową przygodę z oprogramowaniem 1.00. A zapewniam Ciebie, nie było idealne.

Hi Krzysztof,

No … for a number of reasons rolling back firmware versions is not supported.

Mosaic will prompt you to update when new firmware versions are available.

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