iPhone does not work with Debussy after 2.2 to 2.3 update

With Debussy 2.2 I could connect my iPhone (using camera kit) and play music however after I updated the s/w to ver 2.3, it does not work anymore and on phone it says ‘Accessory drawing too much power’. It happens with both UAC1 and UAC2.

Any insight would be appreciated greatly.

I see that you posted this a week ago but didn’t get any response.

The “Accessory Drawing Too Much Power” is a well known problem with i-phones and can even occur with no USB device actually being connected. It is not specifically related to your Debussy ( the 2.3 update dates from 2018 and is not new).

There is loads of stuff about this error message on the web if you search and with many solutions offered. Many relate to the connecting cable and suggest trying an alternative. Here is an example but there are numerous others:

Thanks, Pete. I just wanted to be certain that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.