Huge Improvement

We were snowed in Saturday so I took the opportunity to tear down and completely rebuild my two channel system with the addition of my new Rossini. We have profound improvement to all the aspects audiophiles describe. Amazing.
We have a piano that sits between our speakers.
I was playing ‘Three Latin American Dances’ off of Lee Ritenauer’s Amaro album and my 12 year old daughter walked through the room. She froze in her tracks and asked if the piano was playing. A two hour listening session followed and she smiled the whole time. This was the first of many fun times together. Yesterday afternoon she asked if we could listen to music again in the evening. Again - incredible sound.


I love posts like this. :+1:

I don’t :imp: Just makes me think abut a Rossini upgrade from a Bartok!

Sharing joy and happiness is wonderful.

I want to share my joy. I managed to order today at the old price. It was a bit of an adventure, but I did it. All in anticipation. Six weeks.