Free space above Rossini

To prevent overheating, we recommend that you leave some free space around the unit to allow for ventilation.

I am configuring a new rack. How much space would you allow above the Rossini DAC and Clock (each on its own shelf)?

I’m thinking of finding myself a rule of thumb which works visually too. Perhaps give everything a space of 150% its actual height?..

Mundane question, but hey.

The exact distance is not critical although the more the better I suppose.

External heat is not really a big problem with dCS items compared to e.g. tube or class A amplification components. A more pressing problem is that the boxes can produce an electromagnetic field which can negatively affect the resulting sound from other components placed too close. This can be very audible and is another reason why dCS do not ideally recommend stacking multi-box systems.

My Vivaldi set has a gap of around 8cm between each component’s lid and the surface of the shelf above which though not great seems to be adequate.

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You could do some testing with various spaces above the unit, and check its temperature in Mosaic:

Support > Status (Temperature: second item from top)


As long as you have free circulation of air then 8-10 cm for that air to circulate unencumbered should be fine. I have an R&D mule Vivaldi One here at home that is in an open-backed cupboard with a fat-wrist-width of space either side but only about 5cm above and it is TOTALLY happy with that.



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Thanks everyone!

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