Extending Mosaic Screen availability on Android Tablets

As a recent purchaser of a Rossini/Clock, I have found a problem using my (pre-existing) Samsung Tab S4. The problem is that the screen blanks after max 10 minutes - as selected in the Tablet’s Settings; the fact that the screen is (slightly) active does not over-ride this setting.

Other applications do not seem to suffer this irritation. Could Mosaic be modified to ensure I can track progress of my selected music for, say, 2 hours?

Peter, this App on the Google Play store might solve your problem.

Anupc’s suggestion seems a good one.However the UK PlayStore has quite a few recent “Used to work OK but they have changed something and it no longer works on my …X” user reviews . So it looks a bit like a suck it and see option.

This is one of the inherent compromises with portable devices as blanking the screen is a battery saving strategy. I have a couple of Android devices of differing manufacture yet that 10 min max timeout setting seems to be standard. Ideally there should be an option to enter a delay of your choosing.

I also use an i-pad and in this case there is no auto timeout as there is an “Always Allowed” setting. However the screen shuts down as soon as you close the devices’ cover ( if you use one) and you need to sign in again when you reopen it . The alternative is not to use the cover, however then you find yourself with a need to recharge the tablet more frequently. Life’s a bitch :wink:

Good morning Anup
Many thanks for this advice, I will certainly try it!
I am hoping that dcs may be able to incorporate a similar functionality within Mosaic as I would imagine it would benefit a number of users. However, that may take some time so your suggestion will be a good interim measure and maybe for the long term.

Thanks for that, Pete.
I have seen it working on an i-pad without this time-out functionality, shame Android doesn’t recognise that some users may find a max 10 mins time-out inconvenient - but I was given the option of a shorter time!!