Ethernet cables switches and vivaldi

Hi Aubrey

Thank you for you input. Until about a month ago my nas was on my rack in my media room. I am always looking for ways to reduce not only the sound floor through the system but also in the room itself. I found that the nas presence (cooling fans) was bringing the sound floor of the room up from 25-26db to 29-30db. Although 3-4 db may not seem like much, it really is substantial in listening to a quiet passage and how loud you need to turn something up to actually hear it. I dont detect additional noise through the system from the change but am always looking for ways to reduce unwanted noise which can detract from the experience. I am much more aware of an improvement when it is taken away. My room is noticibally more quiet as a result of moving the nas so it will remain remote. Thanks though for your thoughts. I do appreciate it

Yeah, I have to say that bringing the NAS, even a nominally quiet one, into the listening environment defeats one of the primary advantages of using an NAS: removing it from your listening area. There are better ways to isolate the remainder of the LAN from your listening environment, and from its impact on the audio component of your network (fiber, wireless even, VLANs, QoS, etc.).

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