Enhanced metadata from NAS

I have a lot of material on my NAS (word-files, pdf etc.) that are places in the folders of a certain piece of music. It would be very nice to be able to open these files on my control unit (phone or pad) and read them there. I am not sure if this is a question of what Minimsever can do or a question for dCS Mosaic control app.

Why not simply do what I do? Mosaic runs on either an iOS or an Android device. All you do is transfer those text/picture files to the same device and toggle between Mosaic and the files , for example CD booklets etc. So Mosaic displays the controls on the device whilst the dCS component plays the music and you can read the CD booklet or other file at the same time on the same device if you so wish.

I have all of my available CD booklets stored in Books/library on my i-pad which also runs Mosaic control. No need to have MinimServer or Mosaic directly involved.

I know - but I am probably a bit lazy :wink:

Actually it is not so complicated. I tried it out and it works fine. Thanks for the tip!