Diminishing logo

Something weird is happening with the dCS logo on the app icon in my Android phone. For some time - maybe a week or so - the dCS logo has been shrinking in size and it does so every time I open it.
Can you please help? I don’t want dCS to disappear out of sight in my phone - or in my life!

This does not sound like anything that is caused by the dCS app itself. I am guessing that you are referring to what is known as the app launch icon i.e. the icon that appears on your Android phone home screen. You can do many things to change the appearance of this including moving it or resizing it. There are various options via Android on how this is done and you appear to have selected one way of doing it accidentally. It is easy to Google answers about this but here is one example:

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Let me clarify: it is only the dCS forum icon that is affected andcit is only the logo that is getting smaller, not the icon itself. The dCS logo is now only a bright dot in the middle of a black icon. Btw, the Mosaic app is not affected.
Thanks for your input, PAR!

Thanks for the information.

This still sounds like an issue with your device settings. I am running the forum on an Android device (Samsung Galaxy S21) and there are no problems with the icon. I can only suggest that you reload the app.

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I just got the system update on my Samsung S22 but that did not do it , either. So I’ll try the good old reload approach :wink:

And now it’s back - in original size! Thanks a lot, PAR!

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