Debussy with external clock

Anybody using Debussy with external clock? Couple someone please share what clock you are using along with effect on SQ with and without clock?

Only with Network Bridge as Master. Good combo.

So you are using the NWB as the master clock . It gives a slight straight focused resolution than using an external clock In between, but the Debussy needs to re-sync on all tracks you are playing, thats the down side.

Please expand. I have no idea what you mean.

If you are using the Word.clock output from the NWB to your word.clock input on your dCS DAC so the NWB acting as a external clock.

Then the dac then needs to re-sync when you change tracks on the NWB.

With every track even given the same resolution? As you have previously written that I misunderstand everything that you write I shall leave it to dCS to pick up on this if they care to.

Incidentally, do you have a dCS DAC with an external clock?

Hi everyone,

Im going to state the obvious here and say a dCS Masterclock is best for clocking a Debussy :wink:

I am quite interested in your response, @Beolab!

What do you mean by ‘re-syncing’? Are you reporting that the Debussy loses lock (and then subsequently re-locks) to the Network Bridge between tracks?

Do the tracks you are playing vary in Sample rate? Your Debussy will require to re lock if it detects a new incoming sample rate.