DCS not working with Tidal

My DCS is not working with Tidal after I press the testing playlist in Mosaic app. I was hang in that song which I cannot play all others. I can choose others button and pages but only not for song playing.

I deleted the Mosaic and reset DCS already, but still not work.

Anyone can help pls.


Jeffrey , hello and welcome.

Unfortunately I am not sure what you are doing. The screenshot that you have posted shows that UPnP has been selected, not Tidal.

Mosaic has no “testing playlist” . You can build a playlist using Tidal tracks but you need access to Tidal to use this option. You should see something like this at the beginning, are you seeing this ?:

I am sorry for asking a basic question but have you got a subscription to Tidal? It may also help if you would kindly tell us which dCS model you are using and what it is connected to (e.g. network switch, router).

Do other choices work, for example if you select “Radio” are you able to listen to a choice of radio stations?

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I have subscribed the Tidal and seems it is not the problem with Tidal. Instead should be with DCS, I cannot listen to the radio too.

My model is DCS Barton Silver. I am using Wifi 6.


Hi Jeffrey.

I think there may be a language difficulty here but I assume that " Barton Silver" is a silver Bartok.

Thank you for your advice concerning your connection. However WiFi 6 is ( as it says) a WiFi service . Bartok is not a WiFi device and has to be hardwired to a network switch ( using Main Network port - see page 12 of User Manual). The switch may, in turn, connect to WiFi 6 if it has the option or is a WiFi 6 router Of course your phone or tablet are WiFi devices and may have WiFi 6 conectivity. Whatever , Bartok and your device which runs Mosaic app need to be connected to the same LAN.

So, what is Bartok input connected to? If it is not connected as above then nothing will work.

WiFi 6 is not well known to me but it uses MU-MIMO and OFDMA.I do not know if this is compatible with Mosaic and perhaps an expert on networking like @Anupc may be able to contribute.

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Hi Pete,

WiFi 6 is simply a recent WiFi standard and support for WiFi 6 is something that is the preserve of the underlying iOS or Android OS - Mosaic itself doesn’t know (or care) what flavour of WiFi it connects to the network by.



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Hi Jeffrey,

I suspect that you are experiencing an external DNS issue but let’s see if we can find out what’s going on…

Firstly, we are not experiencing any globally reported issues with either TIDAL or Internet Radio so perhaps I can ask where you are located geographically?

Secondly, has your Bartok played TIDAL and Internet Radio previously? How long has your Bartok been unable to play from TIDAL and Internet Radio?

Can you browse TIDAL itself or can you not even get to the TIDAL browse lists?

Can you browse Internet Radio? If so, what happens if you choose a local (to you) Internet Radio station?

Best Regards

Phil Harris