dCS not remembering DSD filter after power outage/reboot

Since recently setting the DSDx2 filter to F3 for smooth treble response, that setting is lost after rebooting either manually or after power outage after a storm. Despite my unlocking the faceplate and downloading the configuration on the Vivaldi One, each time after it reboots it shows DSDx2 F1 and I need to re-select the F3 DSD filter. The PCM filter stays at F1, and no other settings need reprogramming.
Is this normal behavior? If so, would you please address this and try to correct it with a software update?
Any suggestions?
Thank you.

I can only say that there was a broadly similar issue with Vivaldi 2 where DSD filter 5 would revert to filter 4 on reboot. This was fixed in software update 2.11 so it is feasible that Vivaldi One may need a similar fix.

Thank you for the reply. Do I need to remit my concern to dCS software engineers somehow, or does my original post get reviewed by them?

Two dCS engineers , Andrew and James, review these postings.

If there is an answer to your issue other than a software revision being required you might hear from one of them later in this thread. I am also sure that if it seems to be something that clearly requires attention then that will be fed back to the factory to join the “to do” list.

Thank you.

Thanks for reporting this; we have replicated this issue, so I will drop you a private message to get some details of your Vivaldi One and we can begin investigating the issue from there.