dCS Debussy LEDs malfunctioning

So, I started my Debussy after 15 days of vacation and noticed that LEDs for Power, Mute and Word Clock aren’t lighting up though DAC is working as it should. i.e. If I mute it, it mutes but LED does not glow up. Has anyone encountered similar phenomenon in past and if so, any guidance would be appreciated.

How did you switch off your Debussy before you started your vacation? Only from the front panel?

Try turning Debussy off from the rear panel. Wait a minute then turn it on again from the rear panel. Wait 30 or so secs for the unit to reconfigure. OK now?

Thanks, Pete. No, I switched it off using the switch at the back panel.

I tried switching it off for 2 mins and then back on, the problem is still there.
It is weird, now I notice that when I increase/decrease the volume, Wck light flickers and then goes off when volume meter LEDs go off.

Would reinstalling firmware help?
Is there any other way to hard-reset Debussy?

You can do a factory reset but that is unlikely to fix you problem as all that it does is return all of the options that can be selected to their status that existed at shipping from the factory. To do this you hold on the vol+ vol- buttons together until the LEDs start flashing. But as they are not operating anyway… No harm in trying though . What I suggested earlier effectively is a hard reset as Debussy reconfigures itself.

Frankly what you are describing sounds increasingly like some kind of hardware malfunction.

As Debussy is now a legacy product the availability of software or software upgrades is questionable and I think that you will need to talk with a dCS dealer or dCS directly
as it may well need attention from an engineer.

A firmware reinstall resolved the issue. Thank you, Pete, for jumping in to help always.

That’s great news!

(I would have put money on it making no difference and it being a hardware problem! I’ll put the cash I saved in the Vivaldi fund :slight_smile:)

That’s great. I am so pleased ( even if I do not exactly understand how you did what you say you did :thinking:).

Here is what I did, Pete.

Yes, that is indeed the update procedure but I am wondering where you got the firmware file from? I tried to see if Debussy v.2.30 was still available but whilst there is a link to it on the new website if you select it you are just taken back to the home page. Perhaps you had a copy saved from an earlier installation? That is no longer possible with the newer models AFAIK as updates are no longer available as CD-Rs or downloadable files but via Mosaic.

On the Support page, click on Software History and Documentation and then on the target page, scroll down, you will see a section for Documentation. At that place there is a drop-down for Product, select Debussy there and it provides everything.

That’s great. I followed a slightly different path to what should have been that file but , as I mentioned, was returned to the home page:

If I select that “Here” link I get: