Creating a play queue in Mosaic

When selecting a track to add to the play queue there are three options -

Play Now
Add Next

For some reason if you select play now it clears the whole play queue. I have done this many times by accident. This is frustrating if you’ve spent time amassing a sizeable list only to have it deleted.

If you want to delete an entire play queue you have that option in the three dot menu on the play queue page.

Can the play now option simply play that selected track immediately without deleting the whole play queue please?

If I understand what you want to do correctly ( i.e. play a single track from the queue) then I would suggest that you move from the play page to the Play Queue page, find the track that you want and select “Play from Here”. That will start playing the track and will not delete the rest of the queue. However you will need to press the pause button at the end of that track if you do not want it to carry on playing the ensuing tracks.