Best way for playback of local files with Network Bridge/Mosaic

I am interested in adding a Network Bridge to my system. Current digital playback is via Audirvana+ on a Mac mini with files stored on a Synology 416 NAS.

What does dCS view as the most superior hardware/method of getting local files served to the Network Bridge? I am open to any options and am certainly not married to the Mac or Synology.

Further, I do not care for the Roon interface and would expect to be using Mosaic.

I believe I have read it is possible to run minimserver on a Synology NAS then send the files straight from there to the Bridge but this sounds like a less than ideal way.

Thanks for any help!

Given the hardware you have and since Roon is off the table then your best bet is to load MinimServer onto your Synology and access your music library with that.

MinimServer is available in the Synology Package manager so it’s an easy, one-click installation. You’ll also want to download and install MinimWatch onto a PC or Mac on the same network to manage the MinimServer configuration remotely.

EDIT: after re-reading your post this comment struck me:

This is THE ideal way and is our reference configuration.

Thanks for the response.

If MinimServer on a NAS is your reference configuration then it is certainly good enough for me!