Bartok USB port

Can this be used to power a small lamp?

The USB 2 port can be used to drive a low powered external HDD drive so , in theory , the idea of a lamp is possible but I have never come across the idea before and I have no information on this. However none of the USB lamps that I own are driven directly by a USB port. All have a battery power supply and the USB connection is solely to charge the battery. So during actual use of the lamp it is disconnected from the USB port. In my case the lamp is charged by one of the USB mains converter plugs otherwise used for laptop computers.

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Thanks Pete. Below is the lamp in question

I have looked at this and although technical details are sparse the lamp has USB connectivity and comes with a power brick. That latter item strongly suggests that this power adaptor may have USB output so the lamp either has an onboard battery supply with the power brick charging it or is powered directly by the power brick. The Bartok USB port will need have nothing to do with this.

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Thanks for taking a look and glad I asked. Appreciate your help Pete

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I wouldn’t recommend using the Bartok USB port to power a lamp - the Bartok USB port really is intended for low power consumption USB pen / flash / thumb drives only.

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Phil Harris

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