Bartok / USB 2 issues

Hello. I’ve tried to connect an external SSD to my Bartok via the USB2 port and the Bartok cannot see this input (it reads folder is empty). Also I’ve tried to connect my old USB pen to the same port (which used to work perfectly) and the Bartok cannot see that input either. Can someone please help? Thanks. Franco

Hi Franco,

In case of USB drive change, and then failure, please first reboot your Bartók from the back switch, to see if it gets better.

Thanks Erno. I’ve already tried twice without success :frowning:

Also, the input on the front panel shows USB1, which doesn’t make sense since the port is USB2.

I’ve made it. Rebooted 5 times…

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It may be worth checking, also, in which format your disk is formatted. I don’t think every format is compatible with the operating system inside the Bartók.

Olivier :-{)

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