Bartok Gapless Playback - is it possible?

I have so far tried the Bartok with Mosaic, Mconnect and BubbleuPnP playing from Minimserver on a QNAP NAS over ethernet but none of these will play gaplessly. I have Roon on trial and this is gapless but I do not intend to keep. I have played with all the available settings on the control apps without success. Perhaps the Bartok is not gapless on uPnP. Has anyone else had more success?

Gapless playback is absolutely supported with Mosaic Control so there’s something else going on here. What format are the files in and what is their origin (purchased downloads or ripped CDs)?

There is a known issue with some flac files that have extremely large embedded artwork which causes a delay in playback start. If these are flac files then try converting a few of them to AIFF and see if gapless works.

Please note that no third-party control apps (MConnect, BubbleUPnP, etc) will achieve gapless playback with any of our products. This is due to the fact that the internal playback architecture isn’t actually UPnP so the method that these apps use to accomplish gapless playback doesn’t exist.

Thanks Andrew - my mistake. I was looking at the Mosaic playing now window but realised I had initiated playback of Sgt. Pepper from Bubble and hence why it paused between tracks. You are right that Mosaic is gapless. However, using Mosaic is not an option for two reasons. Firstly, the lack of a grid layout and, secondly, more importantly, the lack of a navigation menu or scroll bar. Navigating through 2k+ artists or 11k albums just by swiping up and down is not practicable. Hopefully, included in a future version.

I have a qobuz sublime and still buy some music from qobuz. Qobuz have the « bad habit » to embed in the file big covert art. The first thing I do after having purchased an album is to edit it with Tag&Rename and remove the covert inside the file and keep only the cover art in the same folder as the music with the following name « folder.jpg ». It helps to keep playing smoothly what ever the configuration.