Apple Music Lossless Showing 16/44

Hey all, as most people here probably know, Apple recently released Lossless audio up to 24/192.

When playing from my Mac to my Bartók via network connection (wired), I am showing 16/44.1 in the display.

Seems like that should show a higher bitrate?

I confirmed that the songs I’m playing are of the higher quality.

Any thoughts?

Daniel, unfortunately over your home network (Ethernet wired or Wireless), it’ll top out at 16/44.1 - that’s the current limit for Airplay over networks. :persevere:

In order to playback full high-resolution from any Apple devices, you have to (currently) connect via USB from your Apple device. In the case of an iPhone or iPad, it would involve the Lightning-to-USB adapter, then USB cable to your dCS kit’s USB port.


Makes sense. Thank you.