Any one using vitus amplifiers?


Actually I have a Rossini. Whilst the Vitus was fantastic, I had the opportunity to get David Berning amplifiers that now use. Had that not been the case I would have had the 025.


You should definitely not refuse. :wink:

Well i am looking forward to what this one box can do, will i prefer it, well i guess i need to hear it for a few days first, but it would be nice to get anice performance lift, lose 3 boxes and it not cost anything

I heard the ( current model then) integrated Vitus amp some years ago with the Rossini at a dealers during its introduction. A great combination.I have also heard other Vitus amps with other sources.

I would say that if I were in the market for a solid state amplifier Vitus would be my first choice to audition. They seem to achieve something that I find more akin to the timbre and presentation of live music than I have found with other transistor amps. Still that’s just me and others are free to dissent.

That’s why, even if I reply to your post now, I listen to music and it gives me a lot of joy.
Regards Robert

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I owned the Vitus integrate for a few years back and paired it with a Rossini. The sound was highly natural and resolving. However, the amp started to fail and I was forced to ship it over seas for repair. The whole repair experience was a huge pain, expensive, and left me with a bad impression of vitus’ support and reliability.

Thats sad to hear
I have been playing with one since Wednesday and it is very good, i did have a down moment with it yesterday, as i put my naim system back together properly and all off a sudden the big advantage i thought the vitus had, just disappeared.
Well today i realised that the sia025 can’t quite handle the 6 volts like the naim can, and it makes the virus distort on some tracks, so down to 2 volts, but that also makes the vitus work so much harder and the heat it gives off in class A is huge and right now i dont know if the difference in sound is worth it.
Anyway i will keep with it for a bit longer

I’m a little bit surprised because I know someone using it with 6v with fantastic results. Apparently it can handle 8v. Anyway, I agree you’re right to live with it for a while and acclimatise. Happy listening.

I can really hear the voice on london grammar, hay now track, distort on the vitus, on 6v.
on the naim its fine

Duncan, I’ve had such good experiences with 025, so forgive me if you have tried this, but might be worth checking…

… have you changed the input sensitivity to 8v?

Again forgive me if I’m telling grandma how to suck eggs :slight_smile:


Great shout as input 1 was at 4, but input 2 was at 8.
I have been using both, but the rossini was on input and the rega on input 2.
I have know got them both set to 8 and switched the vitus back on, so its warming up ready for tonight, as going to swap my amps over and see how i get on this time

Once again cheers


Very good move to switch it on now and let it warm up for tonight.

Super interested to know how you get on given that I was once a very long-term Naim user and for me the Vitus was a revelation. And a lot less space and cables! And I don’t miss the transformer hum.

Yes its sorted it, cheers.
Now enjoying it once again like i was first time round, looks like my fault, as it looks like the rossini was in input 2 and the rega input 1, first time round. I should have taken more notice off how they were.

Anyway cheers

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so it is best to set the amplifier (SIA 025) input sensitivity to 8V and DCS Bartók set to 6V?
Is it safe for the amplifier?
Regards Robert

Yes for sure. The input sensitivity must be higher than the output of the Bartok otherwise the amplifier will go into clipping and distort.

Currently, I have set the input sensitivity of my Vitus to 4V and the output in Bartók to 2V.
Will setting 6V in Bartók and 8V in SIA 025 be a better choice?
If I think well, it should be a bit louder with the same level of gain?
Regards RobertCurrently, I have set the input sensitivity to 4V and the output in Bartók to 2V.
Will setting 6V in Bartók and 8V in SIA 025 be a better choice?
If I think well, it should be a bit louder with the same level of gain?
Regards Robert**

I would say, yes definitely.
The vitus sia025 will be fine and sound a bit better doing this, plus you will have a bit more class A volume in the tank, before you go into class B.

I decided last night that my naim 500/552 was going in favour off the vitus, the class A is just so nice in comparison to the naim sound.

Amazing! For the future, you may want to consider some Stillpoints under the Vitus. Both companies have mutual admiration as you will see in their pictures of shows.


Using them already

Cool. Me too!