About preamps and volume controls

I’m an NBR user. After I removed my preamp yesterday, I used Mosaic’s software to control the volume. To my surprise, the sound was fuller and smoother after removing the preamp. The digital volume of Mosaic is higher than that of the preamp. Is it an illusion that the amp simulates better volume? In addition, I would like to ask you, is there any significant difference in sound when using Roon and Mosaic? Who has a better voice, thanks

It is likely that your preamp causes some changes to the volume of the system - that is it’s main job after all! Where did you have the volume control on the preamp set?

There should be no difference in sound quality between Mosaic and Roon - both stream asynchronous, bit-perfect data to the Network Bridge. The main difference will be in the user interface, so if you prefer using one app over the other.

Hey James:
I put the preamp between my speakers and the DAC. My preamp is Grace M905. If I want to use Roon, I just need to download the APP on my phone, is it free software, thank you

Okay - I’m not familiar with the Grace M905, it looks like professional use equipment for controlling studio monitors. I am afraid I cannot offer any advice on why there is a volume level difference between that and the Network Bridge connected directly to your power amplifier.

Roon is not free software, no. It is paid, but they do offer a free trial. It also requires some form of computer to be used as a “Core” - this could be as simple as a laptop right through to a standalone computer used exclusively for Roon. Take a look at the Roon website for further info.

Alright, James, I’ll take a look at the Roon website. If you add a core PC to the Roon system, it should theoretically improve the sound quality.

No, it will not change the sound quality. If you use a more powerful Roon Core, it will make the system more responsive, such as loading your content faster, but it will not change the sound quality. This will be the same as using Mosaic, or Roon with any type of Core. I hope that makes sense!

Well, there is no need to use it, and it is charged again, I am used to using Mosic, although the picture of the record shows a little rough, haha

James has a question for you to answer, how much the volume control of the mosaic will be attenuated will affect the bit and sound, thank you