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I can’t respond to the News item as that is closed but nice to see progress on the website.

I can almost read the light grey font against the white background and wonder whether white type on white background may not both be both more chic and forward looking?

I have signed up to The dCS Edit. I am already signed up to the earlier newsletter and wonder if the new one will appear as regularly? I think that must have been around once per decade.

The new home ( welcome) page is full of interesting subjects like what dCS will be doing at Munich 2019 and that they are launching a DAC/headphone amp called “Bartok” together with a “powerful new streaming platform” called " Mosaic". I look forward to them. There is a nice review of Network Bridge posted there too. The relevance being debatable given that the same item is also in “Legacy Products” .

Seriously guys, this from a dCS fanboy, if you are going to have a new website populate it with up to date content before going public. And refresh it regularly.


Vivaldi - The Pioneer; Rossini - The Visionary; Bartok - The Modernist

So Rossini had a vision, sent Vivaldi out in the wild as a pioneer to execute it, getting promptly killed in the process, while Bartok the modernist is sipping a distilled-water-brewed Espresso somewhere in Central Valley drafting ICBM plans for world domination laughing about those other two.

Love it!


Nice website. Well done dCS

I like the new website—props—but I tire of the light gray, small size fonts so prevalent everywhere. It strains one’s eyes, even if one has young, healthy eyes.

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Ady here from the dCS marketing team.

Thanks everyone for your feedback, appreciate your comments and great to hear you like the new site.

Pete, thank you for signing up to the newsletter - I can confirm we will be sending more regular updates. Each month, we’ll be adding a selection of new articles and content (including playlists and, on occasion, video and podcast series) to the dCS Edit section of the website. This content will be shared via a monthly newsletter, which will be sent to all subscribers. We’ll also share articles on our social media channels and the dCS forum. In addition to this, we will send out emails from time to time with details of product updates or new projects we were working on (such as our Mercury Living Presence series).

If you’d like to view our latest articles, we’d recommend visiting the dCS Edit homepage: dcsaudio.com/the-dCS-edit. (I think the welcome page you referred to is the article announcing the new website, rather than the homepage.)

The site is designed so that our most recent content is displayed on the Edit homepage. When you click through to an individual article - such as the ‘Welcome to the new dCS website’ page you referred to - you’ll be presented first with the article, and then underneath that, a selection of related articles (so in this case, other stories which are tagged as ‘news’). These suggestions are ranked not by date, but by topic, which is why you were seeing a mix of old and new articles on that particular page.

And Greg, thanks for your feedback on the text. We’ve passed on your comments regarding the grey, and agree that the lighter shade of grey that appears in the main body of articles on the Edit section can be a little tiresome on the eyes when reading longer pieces, so we’ll be updating this to a darker grey.

Thanks again,

All the best

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Ady, thank you for this explanation and response. FYI, I also tried to subscribe to the mailing list, but I received this error:

array_key_exists() expects exactly 2 arguments, 1 given


And thanks Ady for getting the light grey font changed to a darker colour later.

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Same error for me on IOS 14.6 Safari and Chrome